About Agency VivaKi Moldova
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VivaKi Moldova is a part of  Publicis Groupe – a global coomunication holding company.

Vivaki Moldova structure:


Starcom ZenithOptimedia Mediavest Digitalab Urban Post

VivaKi Moldova is one of the biggest communication group on market  consisting of 5 agencies:

  • Media agencies Zenith, Starcom and Spark Foundry, responsible of media strategies creation and implementation, including advertising placement.
  • Creative agency Urbanpost – the guys who talk through images – responsible for creative materials production, concepts building, but also design services and drawings – banners, video spot scenarios, brand books, logos, etc.
  • DigitalLab – the gurus of digital world – a Vivaki structure which is in place for helping media agencies with analysis, planning and implementation of digital strategies


About Publicis Groupe – one of the world’s biggest communication groups appeared in Paris, about 100 years ago. Through the years, the group has evolved and grew at international level. At the moment, Publicis Groupe counts 1326 agencies in 6 regions of the globe.

Publicis Groupe international structure:

Publicis groupe structure

To be part of one of the global industry leaders, means Vivaki Moldova has a number of important advantages, which are not available to other agencies in Moldova.

 VIVAKI Moldova advantages

VivaKi Moldova means:

  • Best prices  for placement on on all media channels, assured thanks to a large list of Clients and volume of realized projects.
  • Few steps ahead competitors, due to exclusive tools for data analysis and results measurement.
  • Leader in the internet market, as  advertising placements volume and expertise.
  • Delivering results and not promises.

Short history

VivaKi Moldova history begins at 1st of April 2009, when the consolidation of Publicis Groupe Media agencies in the advertising market takes place, under the VivaKi brand. The new formed group, united 3 specialized media agencies, which already were active in the market: Starcom (launched in Moldova in 2005), Zenith (launched in 2006 as ZenithOptimedia) and Mediavest (launched in 2007). The consolidation of these 3 agencies brought the advantage of cumulated client’s billings, opening the possibility to achieve better results for existing group clients and further new clients accordingly.

Today VivaKi Moldova represents:

  • Leader in TV market by quantity of bought inventory.
  • Working with 7 Clients from TOP 20 clients in the ad market.
  • Administration of 70% of media activity in the coffee category.
  • Leader in pharma category.
  • Pioneer in Moldavian online market development.
  • Exclusive tools for analysis, planning and forecasting results, following media and creative investments of our Clients


You are always welcome to visit us at our office located at: 6/1 Blvd. Decebal, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.