We launched PROGRAMMATIC - Publicis Media Moldova
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In June, Vivaki with the help of Digital Lab, launched first programmatic campaign. That was possible due to agreement with Google DoubleClick (which is used as a demand-side platform).

1 500 000 000 Moldova Impressions Available

The collaboration with Double Click opened the access to Yahoo and Microsoft inventory and Vivaki has now the opportunity to place advertising even on Skype (the proof is below).


After first campaign, we improved our Clients’ results for display campaigns compared to GDN results. CPM (Cost per thousand) was 50% optimized and CPC (cost per click) with almost 20% optimized. Also, for video campaigns (Video True View), we had a 50% price decrease for CPV (Cost per view) compared to campaigns launched through Google AdWords.

The launch of Programmatic through Double Click gives Vivaki the opportunity to do a better targeting for delivering Clients campaigns, which will certainly improve in quality and final results.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us!