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AGB Nielsen Media Research

AGB Arianna is a syndicated research that enables us to analyze the preferences of TV viewers, as well as to evaluate in real time the act of advertising, viewing and the efficiency of its contact with the potential consumer. It is a tool that collects and analyses TV channels statistics and also, provides exact data about the most popular programs, evaluates the prime time of broadcasted channels, enables performing the analysis of television viewing for different target groups, divided by social and demographic indicators.

This tool allows us to assess competitors’ activity at several categories, considering indicators both at the level of planning the advertising campaign and within its implementation, making quick and tactical optimizations. Data provided by AGB Company is a recognized media currency on Moldovan market and price lists of all TV channels are formed based on the analysis of these data.

The calculation of final cost for TV ad placement is also performed based on the data provided by AGB.


K2 is an optimizer for strategic and tactical TV planning. It is a program that operates based on data provided by AGB in real time. It also enables us to optimize our work while planning TV placements.

The software analyses data, develops effective campaign scenarios and provides possible results of taken actions. It reduces the time required for choosing the best option and allows us to minimize the placement budget by increasing the efficiency results.

K2 is a very flexible tool instantly adapting to the changes of the market indicators. It provides the best solution for campaign development – which is VivaKi’s unique advantage on the Moldovan market.

Read more about how we use it for results improving

Frequency Planner & Intent modeler

App isolates the key level of exposure for an individual product in a single burst of media weight.

It is used to determine the optimal frequency range for your brand message (video commercial, online impressions, etc.).

Input: Knowledge and Understanding of the relative importance of message, marketing, and media factors related to the campaign (based on data provided by AGB Moldova, TNS, X plane).

Output: Recommended frequency level for the campaign.