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Xplane  is a company engaged in syndicated quantitative study on a regular basis – Consumer Target Index (CTI). Research is a source of information on such characteristics as:

  • Consumption of 54 categories of goods and services
  • Socio-demographic profile
  • Psychographics
  • Media consumption
  • The audience of radio stations and print media
  • Advertising perception
  • Lifestyle and leisure

Characteristics of the study:

General population: the urban population in Moldova from 12 to 65 years.

Sample: multistage, stratified, individual, using the quota method of selection of respondents at the last stage. Quota parameters: region of residence, type of city, gender, age. The sample includes 47 cities.

Sample size: 1 200 respondents in one wave of the study (2 400 respondents a year).

Frequency: 2 times a year.

Method: a telephone survey (CATI)