TNS - Publicis Media Moldova
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TNS is a company engaged in syndicated research using consumer panels, the purpose of which is to collect data on consumer buying behavior and afterwards to track changes in process of time. Based on the panel data it is possible to draw conclusions about factors that have impact on the market behavior of the target audience, to track consumers reacting to communication activity of market participants and to extract maximum benefit from the current situation and to succeed in the competition.

Research designed to measure media audiences are held in the framework of the study MMI Moldova (Marketing & Media Index Moldova). The general population data of these measurements is the urban population in Moldova, from 12 to 65 years old (cities with a population above 15,000 people). The output provides information about these characteristics:

  • Consumption of goods and services
  • Socio-demographic profile, psychographics and lifestyle and leisure
  • Consumer sentiment Index  and consumer status hierarchy
  • The daily routine
  • Budget time
  • Media consumption
  • Audience of radio stations, print media, internet and indoor
  • Advertising perception

Research carried out 2 times a year by questionnaires for commodity groups and personal interviews for the media part. The sample of research is – 1,200 respondents (2400 respondents per year).